Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It seems like, the if not even more rogue "group of hackintosh" might hit a stumbling block:


which let me make something clear - QUIT SHOOTING YOURSELF IN THE FOOT APPLE!

I mean do we all really have to pay for your overpriced laptops with sub-par parts. What is so hard about being a bit more like linux? Why not extend a development branch to arm/mips-el/amd - kernel drives and kernel building kit would be a appreciated. Why not have broader hardware support like the BSD's/Linux? ffs make a modular Kernel with autodetect and activate driver support! your a multi million if not billion company - challenge yourself!

-Dont charge 1800$ for a 30" monitor thats CRAP! they are much cheaper online for the same or better parts.
-Dont charge 900$ for a 24" monitor - where I have found one for 250$ that is comparable if not better.

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME IM PAYING ALMOST 3x more for a stupid logo?? REALLY?! Your no better then micro-shaft with there bloatware OS! Im mean really what would hurt if you took a page from some of the Community maintained OS's out there?

- Better support
- More Architectures
- More Driver choices
- Reasonable if not competitive with retail prices
- Commission based OS application development

I once heard a Microsoft sales guy say something very,very true as much as I hated hearing it, it had a ring of truth:

"You meet many pure Linux and Windows developers, but when was the last time you ever met a pure Mac developer?"

In truth I've never met a "Mac only developer" in fact i've met very few Linux developers that will even touch MAC's and the few that do develop there software for MAC's none of them do any such "Hardware/firmware" level development.

I can see it your way though too -a high level of "working" products with "quality" but what makes you any better or different from Microsoft. I have yet to see a difference.

MIT Open Courseware

Apparently "open" course guidelines and such for structured classes from MIT and a few other one off online schools.


So far i've actually worked through the beginners Python class. Its not bad.