Sunday, December 30, 2007

Last night.

KT and me, last night had dinner with Easy-Pete,Rene(sp), and lil'Rach :) It was great Kt cooked up a pot roast, with some grain mustard gravy, and some Rolls. It was AWESOME! Lol.. me and Pete hung out and looked through all kinds of tech stuff while Rach , rene , and Kt chilled.

Afterwards it was about 10ish we went and saw AVP-R.

AVP-R was interesting, hehe.. Afterwards I went to work for an hour and Katie came back and we hung out until 7am. Katie came home and I killed the best part of an hour, and then rolled on home, and spent some time wtih Katie before she passed out.. all and all it was fun hehe...

ttyl - Mel

update: On ongoing and Current infusions + New!

Today i started a cinnamon infusion and finished the limecello.

New: Cinnamon Infusion!
.60 of Liter of smirnoff
6x cinnamin sticks
-No sugar. well yet.

Update: Blue berry, Cran berry, 2x Pineapple.

Blueberry and Cranberry added a spoonful of sugar. shaken abit
2x Pineapple: nothing added. Shaken Heavily.

Finished product: Limecello!

Update: rest of infusions are still going with out testing to check the process.

Infusion Completed: Lime-cello

I did it >.> i successfully completed 1 infusion to the end.. Lime-cello is a tangy flavor with some sweetness with a small dryness to it. It says Ooo La La in your mouth .. recipe

Lime fruit try to get alot of the white off and just a small bit of white in there (for the dryness take it out if you dont want.)

-3x limes
-1/2 cup Simple Syrup
-3 spoon fulls of sugar.
-1 week ( 7 days )
-1 cup vodka
-2x coffee filters
-1 Mason jar > 2 cups

-Get a Mason jar.
-cut up fruit place it in a jar.
-1 spoon full of sugar.
-pour cup of vodka in jar.
-throw it some where warm and dark.
-every couple days add a spoon full of sugar until at 3 spoon fulls total.
-shake it every couple days regardless of the sugar being added.
-after about 7 days pull out and filter through a (WET) coffee filter.
-Refilter through another wet filter into a bottle.
-add simple syrup and give it a few days to set up.
-Chill and enjoy over ice.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

More new Infusions

This morning I reopened my Cranberry/Blueberry & shaken them, plus added 2 more scoops of sugar.

I started 2x Pineapple infusions.
Processes so far is 2x Mason Jars , Smirnoff Vodka , 1 cup sure ( 1/2 a cup in each ).
should wait for this to mature and check every few days for flavor.

"Upgrading current projects"
I boiled up simple Syrup and chilled it.
I pulled out the lime:Fruit infusions.
Poured both into a bottle.

:) Lime-cello in a week or so

I added some Simple Syrup to my cran-lime:skin mix we'll see how that goes.

-night before Last night i busted out the aged hint of berry and and made Russian snow cones.
Crushed ice in a bag, emptied into a shot glass..
Pour liquer over the top.. Wholla!

-Last night hooka'd with a mix of the Vodka's.. ie if you cant figure it out im trying to get rid of them heh...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

update: Vodka infusions + new try's.

Harvested both lime infusions today.

The skin one was smooth but strong
The Fruit one was abit sweet but has a bitter bite.

I went to walmart today and bought mini cookie jars with suction tops so.. they were lik 1.86$

Ive started a Blue Berry with 1 spoonful of sugar and a cranberry with 1 teaspoon of sugar ( both organic ) (Using Sky Vodka

I pulled my lemon lime hint of berry which went wrong threw about 8 blueberry's in and about 20 cranberry's into it... maybe i can smooth the bite out of it with abit of time.

I have the Lime:Fruit vodka in a bottle for either consumption or mixing later down the road.
I have the Lime:skin soaking with about 30 cranberry's in a bottle with about 3 spoon fulls of sugar.

Current infusions:

1 hand full of Blue berries + 1 spoon full sugar + Skyy Vodka
1 hand full of Blue berries + 1 cranberry's full sugar + Skyy Vodka


Lime:skin vodka + cranberries/blue berries + Cheap Vodka
Lemon/lime/hint of berry vodka+ cranberries

Temporary Aging:

Lime:fruit alone in a bottle to age abit

Sealed Aging:
1xVery Berry Vodka - 12/20/07
1xLemon/Lime/Hint of berry - 12/20/07

Lime infused Vodka

Ive been working on a lime infusion actually 2 of them... One, I grated the peel and placed it into the jar, and then with the second jar I did the fruit. This morning I will probably taste and harvest if it feels right. Ive actually found this to be rather intense.

Maybe ill pull the infusion material out and add more sugar to it, but im rather sad that it didnt come out better, but thats why i bought Cheap Vodka.

I think next i will start another Infusion maybe Strawberry.. see where that gets me.

Accouple links below are what ive found through google:

Some side thoughts:

Making a multiberry is good but make sure you do it right.
Strawberry infusion next.
Melon infusion maybe after that.
Get some of these:

My own *buntu review.

A small FYI to the readers i have placed the Acronyms at the bottum. Below i will be covering GUI/CLI, System, use-ability, and last but not least Llews pick's.

My opinions:


Generally speaking, DE's ie KDE, & GDE are great in my opinion for new people to linux. However as a Veteran who has actually done some considerable distro hopping since RedHat 6.2 I really havent seen anything new in terms of how Ubuntu does it. Now all and all they dont really have any WM based distro's. Which for us older linux users who are more likely to use WM's due to less resources being hogged by a UI. CLI is traditional Linux +/- a few things on system level.


A few things bug me ie Sudo because root is squashed, No inittab which imo is not even linux anymore with out it. RC's are gone gone gone replaced by some new system that is well... Akward abit. Some of the Highlights are that rare hardware is supported. Apt-get is hot in the UI and out of the UI. whole thing is almost Sero configuration needed.


This is a joe blow os meaning, you could pick some one up off the street put them infront of this and they will learn it and make serse of it.

Llews pick:

Reinstall/Install time ... tops 30 minutes ive seen it as quick as 10. Very reedeming.

All in all id say 3.5 out of 5

GUI : (Graphical User Interface)
CLI : (Command Line Interface)
UI: (User Interface )
DE's : (Desktop Enviroment's)
KDE : ( K Desktop Enviroment ),
GDE : ( Gnome Desktop Enviroment )
Distro : Distrobution ( linux flavor/OS )
WM : Windows Manager

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Goodbye myspace

FYI Good bye myspace.

The Newsflash: It was cool like 2 years ago... Nothing inovative has come of it.. ttyl