Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My own *buntu review.

A small FYI to the readers i have placed the Acronyms at the bottum. Below i will be covering GUI/CLI, System, use-ability, and last but not least Llews pick's.

My opinions:


Generally speaking, DE's ie KDE, & GDE are great in my opinion for new people to linux. However as a Veteran who has actually done some considerable distro hopping since RedHat 6.2 I really havent seen anything new in terms of how Ubuntu does it. Now all and all they dont really have any WM based distro's. Which for us older linux users who are more likely to use WM's due to less resources being hogged by a UI. CLI is traditional Linux +/- a few things on system level.


A few things bug me ie Sudo because root is squashed, No inittab which imo is not even linux anymore with out it. RC's are gone gone gone replaced by some new system that is well... Akward abit. Some of the Highlights are that rare hardware is supported. Apt-get is hot in the UI and out of the UI. whole thing is almost Sero configuration needed.


This is a joe blow os meaning, you could pick some one up off the street put them infront of this and they will learn it and make serse of it.

Llews pick:

Reinstall/Install time ... tops 30 minutes ive seen it as quick as 10. Very reedeming.

All in all id say 3.5 out of 5

GUI : (Graphical User Interface)
CLI : (Command Line Interface)
UI: (User Interface )
DE's : (Desktop Enviroment's)
KDE : ( K Desktop Enviroment ),
GDE : ( Gnome Desktop Enviroment )
Distro : Distrobution ( linux flavor/OS )
WM : Windows Manager

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