Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Infusion: Triple Crisp Strawberry


1x Bottle of 750ml Vodka ( Costco Generic, Grey Goose, Smirnoff, Sky )
2x cartons of Strawberries
1x shot 2oz glass of Generic Everclear
1x funnel
2x Empty 750ml bottle
3x coffee filters


1. Remove 1 cup of Vodka from the bottle.
2. Use potato skinner to remove red skins from 2/3 a carton of strawberries.
NOTE: Avoid getting the white part past the skin, but a little is ok.
3. slice strawberry skins thinly so they will fit in the bottles neck with out forcing them.
4. place the berry skins in the bottle and seal bottle so it is air tight.
5. Let rest until skins are white. ( 24 to 48 hours )
6. Wet a coffee filter and put it in a funnel.
7. Place funnel neck into another 750ml bottle.
8. Slowly pour vodka so it will filter through the coffee filter, and into the bottle below catching the fruit.
9. Bag white fruit and freeze.
NOTE: For the fruit you can either fondue it / chocolate dip it / or use it in blended fruit alc. beverages.
10. Repeat steps 2-9 two additional times.
11. Add shot of everclear to infusion to restore alc. content.
12. Enjoy - add simple syrup as needed.

Back on the weightloss crusade

Yea so the Holidays are over, and the anniversaries are over so I can get back to weight loss. Time to get back on the horse and break into the 200's.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bought a Few servers!


Bought a few old DL140's ->

What I got:

2x DL140 Server U1.
-Free Rails for a rackmount
-NO CDROM ( Didnt want )
-1GB ECC Ram ( Single Chip - Upgrade costs ~60$ to 4GB )
-3.06 Ghz Xeon Processor (single CPU - Ideal Mate for it ~80$ )
-2xGigbit Ethernet ( btw - Both work with Ubuntu 9.10 )

So yea, the form factor was what I was looking for, for the price I was looking for. I had to make a install on a stick with Ubuntu 9.10 server. Plugged it in, and ran installer with success! Needless to say, I still haven't unwrapped the second one yet though.

Needless to say it works like a dream, and ill be excited to play with them a bit.

Working with Php

Nothing like banging your head against a brick wall....

HAHAHA - Php for you some times .. >.> So the deal is I have picked up a more significant amount of marketing responsibility with my company lately and it has basically forced me to learn PHP to create WUI tools to use.

So Im basically going to have to learn how to build classes and use them for larger sorting.

Interesting though :)