Thursday, August 7, 2008

MySql - tut


1) Start after a fresh install:

#> mysql -u root

2) Set the password for first time:

From inside SQL:

mysql> set password for 'root'@'localhost' = password ('test')

From outside SQL:

#> mysqladmin -u root password test1

3) If password is set, to change password:

#> mysqladmin -u root -ptest1 password test2

4) See if mysql is running:

#> ps -ef | grep mysqld

5) Starting and Stopping mySQL:


#> ./etc/init.d/mysql start


#> ./usr/bin/mysqladmin -u root -p shutdown

6) Adding a user to Mysql Db

mysql> use mysql;

mysql> insert into user (host, user, password, select_priv, insert_priv, update_priv) values ('localhost', 'guest', password('guest123'), 'Y', 'Y', 'Y');

mysql>flush privileges;

mysql> select host, user, password from user where user = 'guest';

7) creating a database call tutorials:

mysql> create database tutorials

8) view values in the table

SELECT * FROM table_name

Sunday, August 3, 2008

1 Week Rinux ( Linux ) Challenge

So... you know, i do the windows and linux thing alot. Well offically ive put down windows crack addiction finally, and have VM'd it for school but thats it pretty much. Which you know this was coming once i go a serious unix/linux job, and as some of you may not know.. I DID! no more support coordination! I am a Linux Administrator now! Woot Woot!

So my wise idea was hell lets kick over to that Centos 5.0 update 2 install i have going on. *LOL* let me tell you, if you like ease of use, kids stick with Ubuntu... Centos is a night mare I've had to add repo's for almost everything i want to install. I have a botched version of VLC going on, botch version of almost everything, and if its not botched its bastardized to the max!

So heres my set up...

Centos5 - Vmwared out w/ Debian 4.0rc4/Ubuntu 8.04/Winxp SP3

Additional fun stuff:

So I thought I would add some essential links:

Best noted resources here are: All the Rpm repo's

Best noted resources here are: Yum Repo's & good practice

Best noted resources here are: Sirius installation on linux

Best noted resources here are: OpenSource news and Howto's

Best noted resources here are: Howto's for Ubuntu

Best noted resources here are: All around & Howto's

Best noted resources here are: All around, Community News & Howto's

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Project considerations and proposals

Flashable Gentoo
-purchase 2 to 3 - 8gb flash drives ( Online vendor? / / / )
-Reference site ( / )
-Gentoo (live CD version) ?
-A beer ( because linux is free as in beer!)

Minor notes ...
-Sabiyon might be a decent alternative
-Portage tree on the NAS?
-Upgrade NAS's (NSLU2) 2nd HD

Time frame: > 3 months perferably , 3 with minor set backs , > 4 months final touches?
Production project : No

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cinnamon is Harvested

Today i harvested the Cinnamon Infusion... she is a marvel amongst marvels!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Link Dead: Session 1


Linux DvDripping -> Comparison Page between Handbrake , AcidRip , dvd::rip, Thoggen ( Ogg ), VLC -> Handbreak CLI tut -> End

Myth TV project -> Myth TV remote using N800 Community forum -> Authors Mythetomer Website -> End

Today's Link dead is a double dose of the coolness by bringing the computer to the boob tube! We are in all out Media mode today with two crazy sets of links.

first set is based on ripping your DVD's to your PC so you can "back" them up. The guide above goes through all of the actual decent to better quality DVD-ripping programs avaliable in linux but also throws out spare links that may assist in helping linux users in actually using some of the more complicated programs. My next choice was the CLI based handbrake with an EXCELLENT tutorial for beginners!

Now to one up this tutorial and head to the end which is my small contribution.. turn these into Scripts!



handbrake "options" /"what ever the DVD is in" /"place to copy DVD to"/dvd.(date)-(time)movie.mp4

this way you can reuse this scrip by inserting the date/time in the file because there will never be an identicle date and time. keep in mind this is a "Generalized" tutorial not word for word because learning the syntax is fun and often varies!

If you own a Nueros OSD and want it to push it onto your nas so that the OSD can play it just change the place your copying it to.

Obviously you can add a bit of trickery into the file name by requesting the title of the dvd, store it and then write it to the name of the file - all very likely and has been done in the past probably several times over...

Linkdead #2 is pure majik ( magic ) for us nerds who use MythTV and have a Nokia N800.. REMOTE OUT OF THE N800 I LOVE the!

-first link is to the MythTv project!
-second link is to the authors annnoucement forum where new releases are discused and also people help in designing it!
-link three is to the Authors site that has the Client program for the n800 and the server program for the PC attached to the TV for Myth TV!

Now for the end! my tip ... Make SURE to Make a Script to start MythTv and Mythetomer! Highly likely your going to probably put this as a Start up script!

Last of all I never touched on a few things yesterday that are more of some ends that need to be tied up.

KPC - Check it out!

Essentially this is a great little PC that has Tons of potiential! CPU choices include

Intel® Celeron® 420 - 1.6ghz
Intel® Core™2 Duo E4500 - 2.2Ghz

199$ Base Model spec's

So what has me excited is the fact that this can be built up abit! and expanded to 2GB of Ram!

Friday, March 7, 2008

A £99 GNU/Linux laptop: is it just too cheap? (My opinion)

My opinion:

"Gents I think we are really seeing the change of our linux culture always... I think these UMPC's will obviously give us the edge to develop more embedded OS/App and port to Mips/Arm processors/Alternative Arch's.

I think a few things could be addressed:

RAM/SWAP: make another Swap Partition on a USB 1GB.
Space: 8GB USB stick for storage.

Lets face it tech is getting extremely cheap and it probably wouldnt take much to find out the max ram the board can support and open it up and max it for 15 to 20$ more.

I do agree that this would be ideal for children or actually businesses as a way of putting a PDA like device on your with out shelling alot of cash.

If it uses Bluetooth likely you could find some one who could hack a PAN interface for it for cells and actually use this thing with out having to connect to a public network over say Edge or 3G.

Just a food for thought."

10+ advices BEFORE you rebuild Linux kernel - (My Opinion)

My response:


This is actually a great book if you somewhat understand linux this is a good read very explaintory i think ive read it about 5 times over and learn a new trick here and there…

Kernel building I would say is almost a fundamental part of Linux… you should do atleast 1 or 2 rebuilds with in a year or so… Granite depending on your distro, as a long time Gentoo/Fedora person and have been between the both I actually have a ritual of rebuilding my Kernels alot esp because i like to work with alternative Arch’s.

>.> so… I actually disagree with your "dont do this" attitude because the only way you do Learn is by so to speak "Screwing the Pooch" a few times.. God knows ive done it more then a dozen times… Plus who likes vanilla/Generic Kernels?

Pfft thats why were not microsoft…"

Linux for Ps2

Often people actually dont look at there console game system as a platform for anything else but games... Well id like to introduce you to a dev community that is taking your old consoles to the next step. Sony openly endorsed a linux version for there Ps2 and ever since then it has been a great thing.

the problem is Sony stopped developing for it and really only left it to the community and end user support to actually work on this project... which Is horrible to say but it has drifted into an Archaic state.

2.2.1.x Kernel : Sony's home Brewed OS kernel
2.4.x.x Kernel : Being Developed by Mega Man @
2.6.x.x Kernel : Is actively being worked on by the community at

Gentoo has had a contributer who has been working on it as well in the alternate architectures department and has recently joined up with ps2dev's people to develop a working Kernel for the Ps2 that is 2.6.x.x compatible. Below abit later i will compile a list of links to alot of stuff including Current Kernels and web pages and also the projects and such... bb in a few

[10 minutes later]

OS Kernel pages:

2.2.x.x - Sony's Kernel page.
2.4.17 - Megamans current work forum
2.6.x.x - Alexp's + Chewi's work forum

Bonus Links:

Black Rhino "Debian" ( 2.2.1.x Kernel only)
Megamans webpage containing newest release info and kernels
Sony's Diskless ps2linux project
Chewi's 2.6.x.x gentoo on ps2 project.
Gentoo on Ps2 Timeline
Gentoo's alternative Architecture Page

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Is 2008 the year of Linux?

Links like above make me happy, but why...

1) Promoting Everex ( Gpc & Cloud )
2) Promoting Linux ( Xandros/Android/Ubuntu )
3) Promoting Cheap linux PC's **
4) Explainations of SSD
5) Great over all short but to the point explaination of each product.

** Note: -> "Super Store" sells more linux PC's cheap

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Why Are People So Crazy About Linux?

Bill Gates is NOT Satan, Says Satan

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Maxim Sirius: Mac&PC issues.

This morning I was listening to the Rich and Covino reruns for the week on sirius and they had a segment on the MAC vs PC commercials and stuff, and i was rather sad i didnt hear anything about linux mentioned at all. SO i wrote Covino an email.

email to Covino:

From: Me
Sent: Sunday, January 20, 2008 1:45 AM
To: ''
Subject: MAC or PC

Just recently caught a late night re-run of the whole Mac vs PC show you and Rich did. Interesting how many Mac users called in, but I really didn’t hear any linux users. There are a large community of us who actually listen to Sirius, but I’d like to make mention about a few distributions if you have time to review, and might be interesting for you listed below:

Mint Linux
Ubuntu Linux

So why would I recommend these..
-The interface is close to windows but is completely “Free” of price.
-Generally will work “Out of the Box” or Burnt to a CD.
-You can Burn “Live” CD’s which contains the whole Operating System on the CD.
Ie. -Put them in your CD/DVDrom.
-Boot from it.
-let it boot up ( takes like 2 minutes )
-Will work in (Almost_Any) PC’s or Laptops
-Has several programs that can replace most/all programs you use.

Just a thought, and best regards,

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

off time


Harvested my Pineapple yesterday... Mmm mmm good esp when i run out the fruit.

Cinnamon is still going, but wont be able to experiment further until next paycheck.

Linux Boxs Idea:

Saw an advert for very cheap linux compatible machines... Oooo ahh :) 150$ and for 15$ more they will throw on the 512 stick... not so bad, they are the OLD ibm table top style but would make a great foot rest.... >>>Maybe<<< make plexy tops for them or just buy plexy and dremel it myself and mount them in it.

Although... in reality i could just chuck another 50$ and get a Gpc with better specs and toy with it.

Reality im going for maximum boxs per small space and probably could effectively shrink the Surface area a Gpc takes up.

Not possible I figure because of the bulky PSU, might be best to keep it in its current accomedations.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Harvesting 3 preping 1

-Harvested Blueberry yesterday, CranBerry, and Other Pineapple.
-Pineapple was a rich Yellow liquid, Blueberry was purplish, and cranberry was red as blood.
-Started a new Pineapple with a Full bottle of Popov (750ml) + a whole Pineapple + 1 cup sugar.

-Cinnamon is coming alont well.
-Rest are in bottles aging/waiting to be consumed.

-Had a Party last week on Thursday where we did shots.

GTG ttyl

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Pineapple on the 1st, Very good =)
older lemon/lime with cran and blueberry - made a Cello with it.
Filtered and back burnered the lime skin/cran for some future adventures added about 1/8 cup of syrup too.

No change:
Cinnamon - great warm flavor.
Blue berry - smells great =)
1x Pineapple sitting to age w/o harvest still.
cranberry the same.

Nothing new yet...

Another 2x pineapple.