Tuesday, January 15, 2008

off time


Harvested my Pineapple yesterday... Mmm mmm good esp when i run out the fruit.

Cinnamon is still going, but wont be able to experiment further until next paycheck.

Linux Boxs Idea:

Saw an advert for very cheap linux compatible machines... Oooo ahh :) 150$ and for 15$ more they will throw on the 512 stick... not so bad, they are the OLD ibm table top style but would make a great foot rest.... >>>Maybe<<< make plexy tops for them or just buy plexy and dremel it myself and mount them in it.

Although... in reality i could just chuck another 50$ and get a Gpc with better specs and toy with it.

Reality im going for maximum boxs per small space and probably could effectively shrink the Surface area a Gpc takes up.


Not possible I figure because of the bulky PSU, might be best to keep it in its current accomedations.

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