Sunday, January 20, 2008

Maxim Sirius: Mac&PC issues.

This morning I was listening to the Rich and Covino reruns for the week on sirius and they had a segment on the MAC vs PC commercials and stuff, and i was rather sad i didnt hear anything about linux mentioned at all. SO i wrote Covino an email.

email to Covino:

From: Me
Sent: Sunday, January 20, 2008 1:45 AM
To: ''
Subject: MAC or PC

Just recently caught a late night re-run of the whole Mac vs PC show you and Rich did. Interesting how many Mac users called in, but I really didn’t hear any linux users. There are a large community of us who actually listen to Sirius, but I’d like to make mention about a few distributions if you have time to review, and might be interesting for you listed below:

Mint Linux
Ubuntu Linux

So why would I recommend these..
-The interface is close to windows but is completely “Free” of price.
-Generally will work “Out of the Box” or Burnt to a CD.
-You can Burn “Live” CD’s which contains the whole Operating System on the CD.
Ie. -Put them in your CD/DVDrom.
-Boot from it.
-let it boot up ( takes like 2 minutes )
-Will work in (Almost_Any) PC’s or Laptops
-Has several programs that can replace most/all programs you use.

Just a thought, and best regards,

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