Friday, March 7, 2008

A £99 GNU/Linux laptop: is it just too cheap? (My opinion)

My opinion:

"Gents I think we are really seeing the change of our linux culture always... I think these UMPC's will obviously give us the edge to develop more embedded OS/App and port to Mips/Arm processors/Alternative Arch's.

I think a few things could be addressed:

RAM/SWAP: make another Swap Partition on a USB 1GB.
Space: 8GB USB stick for storage.

Lets face it tech is getting extremely cheap and it probably wouldnt take much to find out the max ram the board can support and open it up and max it for 15 to 20$ more.

I do agree that this would be ideal for children or actually businesses as a way of putting a PDA like device on your with out shelling alot of cash.

If it uses Bluetooth likely you could find some one who could hack a PAN interface for it for cells and actually use this thing with out having to connect to a public network over say Edge or 3G.

Just a food for thought."

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