Friday, March 7, 2008

Linux for Ps2

Often people actually dont look at there console game system as a platform for anything else but games... Well id like to introduce you to a dev community that is taking your old consoles to the next step. Sony openly endorsed a linux version for there Ps2 and ever since then it has been a great thing.

the problem is Sony stopped developing for it and really only left it to the community and end user support to actually work on this project... which Is horrible to say but it has drifted into an Archaic state.

2.2.1.x Kernel : Sony's home Brewed OS kernel
2.4.x.x Kernel : Being Developed by Mega Man @
2.6.x.x Kernel : Is actively being worked on by the community at

Gentoo has had a contributer who has been working on it as well in the alternate architectures department and has recently joined up with ps2dev's people to develop a working Kernel for the Ps2 that is 2.6.x.x compatible. Below abit later i will compile a list of links to alot of stuff including Current Kernels and web pages and also the projects and such... bb in a few

[10 minutes later]

OS Kernel pages:

2.2.x.x - Sony's Kernel page.
2.4.17 - Megamans current work forum
2.6.x.x - Alexp's + Chewi's work forum

Bonus Links:

Black Rhino "Debian" ( 2.2.1.x Kernel only)
Megamans webpage containing newest release info and kernels
Sony's Diskless ps2linux project
Chewi's 2.6.x.x gentoo on ps2 project.
Gentoo on Ps2 Timeline
Gentoo's alternative Architecture Page

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