Friday, March 7, 2008

10+ advices BEFORE you rebuild Linux kernel - (My Opinion)

My response:


This is actually a great book if you somewhat understand linux this is a good read very explaintory i think ive read it about 5 times over and learn a new trick here and there…

Kernel building I would say is almost a fundamental part of Linux… you should do atleast 1 or 2 rebuilds with in a year or so… Granite depending on your distro, as a long time Gentoo/Fedora person and have been between the both I actually have a ritual of rebuilding my Kernels alot esp because i like to work with alternative Arch’s.

>.> so… I actually disagree with your "dont do this" attitude because the only way you do Learn is by so to speak "Screwing the Pooch" a few times.. God knows ive done it more then a dozen times… Plus who likes vanilla/Generic Kernels?

Pfft thats why were not microsoft…"

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