Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lime infused Vodka

Ive been working on a lime infusion actually 2 of them... One, I grated the peel and placed it into the jar, and then with the second jar I did the fruit. This morning I will probably taste and harvest if it feels right. Ive actually found this to be rather intense.

Maybe ill pull the infusion material out and add more sugar to it, but im rather sad that it didnt come out better, but thats why i bought Cheap Vodka.

I think next i will start another Infusion maybe Strawberry.. see where that gets me.

Accouple links below are what ive found through google:

Some side thoughts:

Making a multiberry is good but make sure you do it right.
Strawberry infusion next.
Melon infusion maybe after that.
Get some of these:

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