Sunday, December 30, 2007

Last night.

KT and me, last night had dinner with Easy-Pete,Rene(sp), and lil'Rach :) It was great Kt cooked up a pot roast, with some grain mustard gravy, and some Rolls. It was AWESOME! Lol.. me and Pete hung out and looked through all kinds of tech stuff while Rach , rene , and Kt chilled.

Afterwards it was about 10ish we went and saw AVP-R.

AVP-R was interesting, hehe.. Afterwards I went to work for an hour and Katie came back and we hung out until 7am. Katie came home and I killed the best part of an hour, and then rolled on home, and spent some time wtih Katie before she passed out.. all and all it was fun hehe...

ttyl - Mel

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