Sunday, December 30, 2007

Infusion Completed: Lime-cello

I did it >.> i successfully completed 1 infusion to the end.. Lime-cello is a tangy flavor with some sweetness with a small dryness to it. It says Ooo La La in your mouth .. recipe

Lime fruit try to get alot of the white off and just a small bit of white in there (for the dryness take it out if you dont want.)

-3x limes
-1/2 cup Simple Syrup
-3 spoon fulls of sugar.
-1 week ( 7 days )
-1 cup vodka
-2x coffee filters
-1 Mason jar > 2 cups

-Get a Mason jar.
-cut up fruit place it in a jar.
-1 spoon full of sugar.
-pour cup of vodka in jar.
-throw it some where warm and dark.
-every couple days add a spoon full of sugar until at 3 spoon fulls total.
-shake it every couple days regardless of the sugar being added.
-after about 7 days pull out and filter through a (WET) coffee filter.
-Refilter through another wet filter into a bottle.
-add simple syrup and give it a few days to set up.
-Chill and enjoy over ice.

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