Saturday, December 29, 2007

More new Infusions

This morning I reopened my Cranberry/Blueberry & shaken them, plus added 2 more scoops of sugar.

I started 2x Pineapple infusions.
Processes so far is 2x Mason Jars , Smirnoff Vodka , 1 cup sure ( 1/2 a cup in each ).
should wait for this to mature and check every few days for flavor.

"Upgrading current projects"
I boiled up simple Syrup and chilled it.
I pulled out the lime:Fruit infusions.
Poured both into a bottle.

:) Lime-cello in a week or so

I added some Simple Syrup to my cran-lime:skin mix we'll see how that goes.

-night before Last night i busted out the aged hint of berry and and made Russian snow cones.
Crushed ice in a bag, emptied into a shot glass..
Pour liquer over the top.. Wholla!

-Last night hooka'd with a mix of the Vodka's.. ie if you cant figure it out im trying to get rid of them heh...

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