Wednesday, December 26, 2007

update: Vodka infusions + new try's.

Harvested both lime infusions today.

The skin one was smooth but strong
The Fruit one was abit sweet but has a bitter bite.

I went to walmart today and bought mini cookie jars with suction tops so.. they were lik 1.86$

Ive started a Blue Berry with 1 spoonful of sugar and a cranberry with 1 teaspoon of sugar ( both organic ) (Using Sky Vodka

I pulled my lemon lime hint of berry which went wrong threw about 8 blueberry's in and about 20 cranberry's into it... maybe i can smooth the bite out of it with abit of time.

I have the Lime:Fruit vodka in a bottle for either consumption or mixing later down the road.
I have the Lime:skin soaking with about 30 cranberry's in a bottle with about 3 spoon fulls of sugar.

Current infusions:

1 hand full of Blue berries + 1 spoon full sugar + Skyy Vodka
1 hand full of Blue berries + 1 cranberry's full sugar + Skyy Vodka


Lime:skin vodka + cranberries/blue berries + Cheap Vodka
Lemon/lime/hint of berry vodka+ cranberries

Temporary Aging:

Lime:fruit alone in a bottle to age abit

Sealed Aging:
1xVery Berry Vodka - 12/20/07
1xLemon/Lime/Hint of berry - 12/20/07

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