Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sad state of linux audio -_-

Well, If anything will make you feel like a failure its taking pride in something that is broken, and trying to get it to work.

Our little Voip experiment at work ie a Sip client on Ubuntu 8.10/Fedora 10.

Here's how I pretty much f'd up, big time.

So back in November we ok'd looking at voip, and by December we had our first tester box running - Absolutely fine, with the sip client sjphone.04 . A week later this became problematic. We started to move that group over (6 people) Ha, sjphone.04 has a horrible frame work, with even a worse way of managing sound. So we went sjphone.08 which went abit better, but still no cigar - it wouldnt work on alot of PC's. We talked with the guys that built our asterisk pbx, and they recommended an obscure program called zoiper. Zoiper seemed to just work. We installed it on our flag ship test machine, and spread it out amongst the group. Almost instantly we started having issues like Audio would stop mid calls, the UI would freeze. The Audio stopping ment we actually had to [shut down] the machines, wait 10 seconds, and then boot again and for the ui freezes/some audio drops we had to restart GDM. So after some experimenting, and some investigating I discovered this is not a "Unique" occurance, but honestly the state of Audio. The state of linux audio makes me kind of heart broken ... this one of my first really large projects - It taught me alot but it really indicates how functionality like Audio is in the trash. So to make a long story short we gave a few other Distro's a shot and Audio still crashes, some machines it takes weeks some it takes hours. I've probably done enough debugging and analysis on my own time to go crazy.


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