Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What Linux means to me...

Intellectual freedom to do what ever I want with an OS as I see fit. If I want to put XFS across /var/lib/mysql , I can. It releases that angry beast that wants to make a smaller, simpler way to move mysql users from one DB to another. Its an OS that screams put me on everything with a microprocessor and well I have... Mipsel, Arch, Blackfin, Mini_X86, and many more. Linux can be eye candy or just a tty, but at the end of the day its the same.

I often refer to Linux in comparison to, "Give me Liberty or Give me Death". Why you ask? Think of it this way, " Give me an operating system where I can do what I want, or give me no operating system at all". I have left windows far behind because of its limitations and its lack of sensibly features and expandability.

I will admit I was once a Windows person but no more. In the last 7 years my eyes have have been opened to the point where I see clearly that windows was an error of an era past. I no longer look at it like its a gem but more of another stone of yesteryear along with things like DEC VAX, VOS, HP UX, AIX, and MAC. I feel I have transcended relic file systems such as NTFS, and HFS.

I have chosen a field and a line of work that was some what called experimental while I was growing up to find that I am one of the few, the brave, and the daring enough to challenge the norm of what was modern contemporary computing. I did not concede to getting a MCSA or MCSE, but have decided to fore go those relics of IT. Linux has kept me employed during a recession and where people have been fighting over jobs I had multiple interviews with little to no equal competition. I have always looked up to Linux innovators such as Richard Stallman, and Linus Torvald. I know that I may never contribute as highly as they have to the cause and Im alright with that but I contribute where it is needed in support.

I have dedicated many waking hours to becoming the phenom that I am, and I wont ever stop because I want to see a change in modern computing. The change I speak of is a world where closed operating systems have a smaller market share then open operating systems. I applaud innovators like RedHat/Centos, and Ubuntu that are starting to hack away at the difference. Those playgrounds for new people, new desktop alternatives, and new server-centric operating systems are being born. Not just born, nurtured by new ideas and new innovations.

I say,"Give me your tired, your poor/Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free". I say, " Breathe easier the monopolies will some day disappear and the oppression will end, and we will suffer no longer."

On that note I'm off to bed - Night all

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