Thursday, July 23, 2009

FreeBSD - Installing postfix & sending your first mail

Postfix: Probably the premier replacement for sendmail, which comes with ux/linux.

$> cd /usr/ports/mail/postfix-current/
$> make install clean

At this point you will most likely be confronted by a ncurses menu. You can choose to enable options or not. We just want to go with stock options so tab to ok and hit enter. So this should just go on and do its marry thing. If you get any other boxes just stick with defaults and tab to ok, and install.

Now to test!

telnet to your local host on port 25, and then type the following:
$> telnet localhost 25


*After this you should get accouple messages that start with 250 - this is good!*

mail from:

*another 250 message*

rcpt to: type_your_email_address_here_instead_of_this

*another 250 message*


*another message*

subject: This is a test message!!!
test message

*message about being queued*


* This will exit telnet, and we will sleep the following command for a minute to check your mail log to see if its been sent *
$> sleep 60 && tail /var/log/maillog | grep sent

if it comes back with sent your gold and you've sent your first message.

**** Just a side note, this is how it works in linux - infact i had to configure linux more then bsd

Please respond if you have issues :)

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