Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Alien - A conversion tool for packages :)

I rarely find a case where Fedora/Centos/Rhel lacks a package for something on debian/ubuntu. In fact as mature package management systems become increasingly common such as emerge,yum, dpkg/apt, yast, and pkgsrc. I expect this will become increasingly rare amongst distro's as time goes on. In the long run there are few solutions but there is one I prefer... Alien :)

Source URL:
GIT: git://
Apt: sudo apt-get install alien

Conversion of an *.deb file to *.rpm file.


workbox:~/Downloads$ wget

workbox:~/Downloads$ sudo alien -r --scripts debreate_0.7.0-0alpha5_all.deb
debreate-0.7.0-1.noarch.rpm generated

Most notably this conversion tool works with the following formats:

Rhel/Centos/Fedora : rpm
Debian/Ubuntu : deb
Stampede : slp
Slackware/Slax : tgz
Solaris/*BSD : pkg


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