Friday, August 6, 2010

Linux: TRK ( Trinity Rescue Kit )

This week my company fired our SEO guy, Eh.. That wasnt pretty and such. Most notably when you have those situations where it was not under great terms you find "repurposing" there work station becomes a nightmare.

The set up was a machine with Windows 7, and the only user was the guy who was
fired and his password. His password of course wasn't documented anywhere so I was left to the task of getting in.

In another life I was into stuff like bypassing and all that jazz. I went out on the internet and with in a few searches I found the right "tool" for the "job".

Trinity Rescue Kit

Homepage Url:
Download Url:

I did the following:
1. Downloaded the trk iso & put my thumbdrive(2gb) in the machine.
2. Mounted the iso to a VM on virtualbox (Non-OSE)
3. Enabled usb passthrough in virtualbox for my thumbdrive.
4. Booted the iso, and hit the default boot option
5. At command promt:
$> mountallfs
$> trk2nfs -d /dev/sda -s 1024
~~~~ Waited for it to do its thing ~~~~
$> reboot
6. turned off the virtual machine and removed my thumbdrive.
7. moved over the the former employee's work station.
8. booted machine, and edited the bio's to boot from the thumbdrive.
9. let trk start up and then selected default boot.
10. At command promt:
$> mountallfs
$> winpass
4) to unlock the administrators account (might have this to do a few times it didnt stick the first time.
$> winpass
3) to wipe the password for that account.
$> reboot
11. wait for it shutdown.
12. pull thumbdrive and let system boot normally.
13. Login as administrator, reset account passwords and such.

^^ Have fun

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